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1. Marketing Internship Opportunity

Madhuriya Art House

A partnership between two friends, Kripa Iyer and Neelambaree Prasad in London for the perpetuation of Indian classical arts, has an exciting opportunity for a young, tech savvy individual, interested in taking on the role of a marketing manager!

Some other things to know:

We are location agnostic, so long as you are happy to get on the phone and informally coordinate over whatspp, etc. 

We are trying to do a lot with full time jobs and managing our families, so you might learn a few things to be better equipped for your future life!

We can offer you mentoring on the fly, exposure to Indian classical dance, experience in e-marketing, introduction to artists, researchers in the field and free access to all events we conduct. But we cannot offer monetary compensation right now. 

We hope to have funding next year and things might change then.


What would be expected of you?

1. 4-5 hours of weekly time commitment.
2. Upkeep our website with recent happenings.
3. Planning and execution of our social media posts on FB and Instagram [may be other platforms that you will educate us on! We are old!].
4. Marketing our events in the virtual environment.
5. Forcing us to talk about our work [we can be shy!] and think of new projects even.

Some more about us:

Kripa is an economist from Tufts University and has a background in civil service and Neelambaree is a pharmacist/pharmacologist from Oxford University and works in the pharmaceutical industry. Both are trained Odissi dancers, who perform, teach and generally spread the joy of dance and Indian arts through various efforts, including but not limited to interesting collaborations. They started Madhuriya in 2018 and work with children and adults equally and strongly believe in the power of arts to transform life and maintain good physical and mental health.

This role is for you if:

-You are in college and want to enhance your CV with something unique, this can be for you!
-Your social media awareness and savviness quotient is up there, this can be for you!
-You aspire for a career in e-marketing or it simply interests you, this can be for you!
-You are good at the English language, organized and are willing to work remotely, this can be for you!
-You are interested in performing arts, we are happy to connect you to other artists and build your network.
-This is not for you, please feel free to pass it on to friends for whom it might be.

To apply:

email: or whatsapp on +91-961963-4440.

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