Letter from Founder

We are so excited to launch Aspire for Her Foundation on International Women’s Day, 2020 
It is a platform to build a community of young women – who are on the threshold of their careers, in college or just out of it, and figuring out how to find that magical fit into the right career. We are committed to making an impact on improving gender diversity in corporate India and unlock India’s huge economic opportunity by rebalancing the workforce.
From a glint in our eyes when we first started talking about it, I am amazed that, in just over a month, we are all set to launch Aspire for Her today! 
The awesome energy came from our wonderful mentors – senior women leaders and role models from all walks of life. They are so different, yet so alike – in their dream to see a different kind of India. They have encountered barriers, they have fought adversity – at home and at work. But they have persevered in their pursuit of professional excellence. They want to give back – to young women, who are starting now. When women empower other women – all hurdles are swept away. 
Our partners and ‘femtatsic’ young leaders have worked hard, across four time zones, to launch Aspire for Her Foundation. 
Aspire for Her will provide a host of career resources for our Members – women who are in college or are planning to join the workforce soon. These will include career previews, interviews, blogs, connection with the network of mentors and tips for building yourself up to be best version of yourself. 
Whether you’re a future banker or a baker, whether you’re into technology or theatre – we will have something for your career ahead! 
We also have a lot of exciting partnerships coming up! Sign up as a Member and watch this space! 
Even if you don’t qualify as a member, please Sign Up as a Supporter. We need you! We need your voices in our head.
Let us not be afraid to proudly declare #EachforEqual. Because we will make that happen. 
With all our best wishes
Madhura & Team AFH
Chief Mentor
Aspire for Her Foundation