Sneha Ganesh

Fun fact about Sneha

I’m super friendly and talkative and manage to market and sell my book to acquaintances at the metro station!

Social Media Strategist, Aspire for Her Foundation

BSc Mathematics, Statistics, Computer Science, Christ University, Bangalore

Sneha loves anything to do with Math and Computer Science and intends to pursue a career in the field of Data Analytics! She was the Karnataka state topper in Math in 10th grade and the Student of the Year of her college in 12th grade. She writes short stories, blogs as well as drama scripts and aspires to be a best-selling novelist. She has published her first short story titled “Muskaan- The Story of her Smile” on Amazon. Also, she is a district level debater.

She loves public speaking and participates in several competitions like elocution, extempore and quiz. She enjoys engaging in activities with a team of people. Apart from writing, Sneha loves indulging in chocolate. She spends a lot of time with books and wants to travel the world! She is a foodie and enjoys cooking too!