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Where are the Jobs?


In the context of the graduating Class of 2020 and the Covid crisis

Questions from our members ~

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On May 1, 6 30 pm – 8 pm

  1. Where should we look for jobs?
  2. Which industries / organisations will be hiring now?
  3. What roles will they primarily be hiring for?
  4. Do you think one should be fussy about the industry/organisation she chooses?
  5. What are the qualifications/degrees companies look for to make offers to graduates? Is it a good idea for a graduate to invest in education in this hard economy?
  6. What about the key skills they are looking for?
  7. What is the difference between this year and other years?
  8. For those whose offers are being put on hold or rescinded, how how should we deal with the situation?
  9. How does one ace an online interview?
  10. What does an ultimate job pitch look like?