We are back with Rica Roy, Deputy Editor NDTV as promised in April. This week we have featured a career in social media marketing and she has addressed some commonly asked questions which has been drafted by our ambassador Radhika Bajoria

One sees a pop up on social media- a link or a picture, it generates curiosity

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Shilpa Jain: What is Social Media Marketing (SMM) and how does it work?

Rica Roy: Social Media isn’t conventional media, but it’s a great marketing tool. It helps to build individual, company profile, establish businesses. The social media feed is also used as news and information source. There are plenty of news items you can use that satiates hunger of the ones looking for information. Companies, businesses and brands require social media managers to help them formulate their strategies, also to do active social media engagement. 

 SJ: What are the types of SMM?

RR: The social media platforms that can be used for marketing are Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tiktok, Tumblr, Linkedin (though companies choose platforms and their presence depending on the audience).

 SJ: Do you think SMM has a great role to play in establishing someone’s work?

RR: It is a great marketing tool- whether you are a designer, innovator, journalist, if you are doing something worth telling the world, social media is the giant space to be in.There have been a lot of instances of the social media getting ahead of the mainstream media- be it in journalism or advertising.

SJ: Will I be able to leverage my social media profile to build my network of and establish business connects? If I am looking for a job, will it help to bag a good job?

RR: Of course, nuanced social media activity can be leveraged for several gains- including establishing business, getting a job. Today a lot of employers scan through social media feed of prospective employees before handing out an appointment letter. This is to understand their stance socially, politically, morally, aspirations and goals.

SJ: What are the benefits of SMM?

RR: The benefits include connecting with the right kind of people for professional, as well as personal gains. If you are a doctor who wants to know in the times of pandemic if there is a taxi service that can get you to work at a short notice, a post on the social media can connect with the right kind of people. However, social media needs to be used prudently, keeping professional and personal spaces separated.Though they will organically meet, but there is no need for the world to know about your every meal, every day, unless it is an exotic one with a recipe attached (that people can experiment). 

SJ: Does a strong profile on LinkedIn help generate hot business leads?

RR: It’s not just LinkedIn, the other handles social media handles should be used equally to tell the story that you want to convey. LinkedIn is just one of the many pies in which you should make your presence felt. 

SJ: I am averse to putting myself out on various Social Media mediums? Am I losing out?

RR: You should pick and choose the social media to target the kind of people you want to connect with.Not all are on LinkedIn or Twitter, some are on Instagram too. People in arts, culture and sports find Instagram the best tool to market their work. 

SJ: Does social media shape one’s mind-set? If yes, to what extent?

RR: When one sees a pop up on social media- a link or a picture, it generates curiosity. That is the start of researching on a subject, knowing more about it. So, the idea is to present one’s profile/ activities and updates in the most interesting and engaging way. Also have a general theme attached to a name/brand. If you like music, post anything and everything about music and build a profile that attracts the music industry.  

SJ: How profitable can SMM be?  To expand this further, how can we monetize through SMM

RR: People monetise their feed on YouTube, Twitter, Instagram. If you have an exceptional idea, or are doing something that’s fetching audience, it’s a sure shot way to make money. These are not conventional ways, but a lot of people have seen great success, become instant hits by just being on social media and marketing their work.

SJ: What is your message to the young girls using social media handles?

RR: Remember knowledge is power and content is king. Sharing knowledge is noble and enhancing the space with good content can see you make huge gains- personally and professionally. So be responsible in the way you use social media. Whether you monetise it you not, your story could inspire many and build your brand. That brand may be valuable to some company as well. So, handle the brand with care.

Short Bio

Rica Roy is a Deputy Editor with NDTV. She has spent 20 years in the newsroom and on ground as a reporter. She anchors Turning Point (a sports programme) and also news on NDTV 24×7. Considers herself blessed to question the authorities. She belongs to  the first generation Of TV Sports Journalists in India. While her obsession is news, she passionately mentors budding sportswomen. Spends a lot of her free time in the parks, ranges, stadiums, spotting talents. Rica is also a media trainer who trains women in news and sports in India (on behalf of Australian Broadcasting Corporation and DFAT) and helps them get upto speed with the latest tech in the newsroom. She is passionate about transferring her skills to next generation of journalists and wants to mentor at least one girl to the Olympic podium. Rica is a Chevening and WINS scholar

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