This is our first CareerPreview and we start with a bit of glamour as the world fights the deadly virus. Let’s see the life of a Beauty / Fashion Blogger through the eyes of Anushka Mulchandani Tata

Anushka Mulchandani Tata: My life is not amazing and glamourous!

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Shilpa Jain: As our primary cause is aimed at making young women financially independent, why is being financially independent important to you?

Anushka Mulchandani: I’ve always wanted to be able to support myself. Even as a kid in school, waiting for “pocket money” was something I disliked to a great extent. I wanted to be able to control what I got to spend and I started to do it the first chance I got. I didn’t want to rely on anyone else.

SJ: When did you realize that you would like to be an influencer/blogger? Any thought processes? For how long have you been blogging now?

AM: To be very honest, I was stuck at a job that wasn’t letting me be creative. So I picked up my phone and just went from there. It started out very small and I still don’t ONLY blog, I support myself with other jobs as well to ensure a steady income.

SJ: How did your family and society react to your career decision? Did you face any backlash from them?

AM: None at all. My parents always wanted me to be independent and were happy to let me pursue any career that brought me to that goal.

SJ: Has this always been your aspiration?

AM: I always aspired to be my own boss. Currently, blogging is my part-time job. I’m also a social media manager for other brands and set my own timings, to-do lists.

SJ: What are some common misconceptions about being a social media influencer and freelance writer?

AM: That your life looks so amazing and glamorous. It’s actually the opposite. Imagine shooting on the streets of Bombay in the peak summer wearing a sari. Of course the sweat is all edited out:)

SJ: As most of your life and career is often broadcasted online, how do you deal with the hate and negativity often received?

AM: Kill them with kindness has always been my motto. I do get some hate and negativity but I’m always sugary sweet and try to explain things as nicely as possible.

SJ: How do you monetize from the work that you do (asked in context of making women financially independent)

AM: Brands who reach out to you to promote them often want to do it for a barter – they send you products instead of pay. But you reach a point where you know your worth and then ask for your price. Stick to your guns and they’ll realize how much you’re worth.

SJ: For women, wanting to pursue their passion/career on the social media platform, what is your advice to them? How does one go about it? Any specific points to be kept in mind?

AM: You need to be consistent if you want to be a blogger. Think outside the box, don’t do what everyone else is doing. Find a niche for yourself and stick to it. If your content is unique, people will follow.

SJ: What have been some of your favourite moments and experiences you’ve had with your work?

AM: Every day is an experience honestly. Some brands host fantastic events when launching their products and to be a part of that is truly amazing.

SJ: How would you describe yourself professionally?

AM: I am first and foremost a writer and a social media expert. I’m currently the Content Editor at Stylecracker and have also written for some of the most popular fashion and beauty portals in India today – MissMalini, The Hauterfly, Jossbox. Pocket Stylist emerged as a platform to showcase my everyday style, must-haves and tips. I’m a graduate from the London College of Fashion, my taste is current, trendy and highly accessible to my viewers. I’m also a certified hair stylist and a self-proclaimed beauty junkie.

Anushka Mulchandani Tata

Short Bio

Pocket Stylist | Freelance Content Writer, Social Media Nerd | Style & Beauty Junkie | #PocketDoesHair #PNdoZumba | Co-creator @lovepocketstash 

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Interviewed by – Shilpa Jain

 Executive Director, Indusion Consulting Services ( ex-banker, now a head-hunter)


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