Build our Belief, Be our Ambassador

We are a non profit powered by extraordinary women leaders as mentors and role models.

Our objective is to support and mentor 18 to 25 year old college women in choosing their career path and excelling in it.

Our career resources include access to a rich base of mentors, learning opportunities, career previews and a supportive peer community!

We are offering a ONE MONTH unpaid WORK-FROM-HOME  externship to young dynamic women to become our Campus Ambassadors from August 9, 2020

This position is open for women (18-25) only.

We are offering an externship to young dynamic women to become our Campus Ambassadors. We will consider a few outstanding ambassadors to take on formal internship opportinities with us.

              Your role

Building Awareness​

a. Share experiences of your role as a student where you  have felt a gender difference
b. Mention how you overcame it
c. Share how would you want to change the gender divide at work, or play or anything in between  

Creating Social Connect ​

a. Every day share one relevant message/article/blog in your own digital space – keep in mind it should include a message on women and careers
b. Tag AFH in all your messages!
c. Be the guest editor of the AFH social media handle for the day and decide on our strategy

Multiplying Membership ​

a. Reach out to your friends/juniors/peers/faculty in the target audience
b.Get target audience to sign up as members 
c.Get others who care for gender equality (yes, men as well) to sign up as supporters

Expanding Reach ​

a. Identify colleges, clubs and other communities who are interested in gender equality 
b. Find corporates / institutions with a strong diversity focus
c. Connect them with us

For any queries, please drop a line to