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AFH Communities are aimed at providing you with career resources that cater to your specific needs. We connect you with mentors and job opportunities to help you excel in your field.  Most importantly, you are introduced to hundreds of women with similar interests and goals.

Women In BankTech

Are you a woman professional working in Banking Technology, Fintech, Card technology, Payments or Modern tech like AI/ML? Then this network is just the place for you! 

Join WIN BankTech at AFH for an opportunity to connect with several other women working in Banking Technology and expand your network with all these like-minded women. 


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

If you are a woman professional working in Banking Technology, Fintech, NBFCs, Digital Technology, Card technology, Payments, Operations or New age tech like AI/ML – this network is just the place for you!

  • Get access to a supportive peer community of women pursuing similar careers as you are and find a forum to interact and exchange views with them.
  • Exclusive seminars, webinars, panel discussions and more with senior BankTech industry leaders
  •  Professional coaching 
  • Mentoring sessions with experienced and senior mentors
  • Job and Employment opportunities in the industry
  • A chance to give back to the community

Return To Work

If you are a woman on a career break, is looking to restart her career or has recently lost her job and wishes to come back into the workforce, this network is made just for you.

There is no restriction on the number of years of career break or the reason for your break. If you wish to get back to work, we’re here to help you restart your career and return to work with confidence! 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Any woman who has been out of the workforce since some years, who has recently lost her job or had to quit and is now looking to get back to work is welcome to join us at R2WN. 

  • Resume building and interview preparation
  • Mentoring sessions with senior women leaders
  • Soft skills training 
  • Job/Employment opportunities in the industry
  • Returnship programs
  • Reskilling workshops
  • Supportive peer community and a safe space to exchange ideas

Not Alone

If you are a woman who has recently lost their partner, siblings or parents, who were the main breadwinners in the family, we’d like you to know that you are Not Alone.

This community is made for all of you, where you can find a safe space to exchange your thoughts and get whatever support you need. 

If you wish to refer someone to this community, please write to and we will get in touch. 


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

If you are someone who recently lost a breadwinning member in your family, could be your parent, sibling or your partner, we are here to support you and welcome you to be a part of this community. 

As a member of this community, you will receive –

  • Grief counseling and emotional healing sessions with experts
  • Advisory sessions on inheritance management related to legal, finance, insurance
  • Resources to enable you to upskill, get employed or start a business of your own
  • A supportive peer community to interact with


Are you an entrepreneur or aspiring to become one? Our new network, EntrepreNaari, is your free, go-to network for all your entrepreneurial needs!

Here, we have all the resources, interactions with industry experts, networking opportunities, mentorship, guidance and community support you will need, to get your brand where you want it to be.

Strap in and get ready — your entrepreneurial journey is sure to be one exciting ride with us!

Women in Technology

Are you looking to pursue a career in tech, restart your career in a tech domain or wish to upskill and be a part of upcoming technology based opportunities? 

Then join this one community with Amazon Web Services (AWS) and The Dream Collective – fullstop!

The reason?
We believe that every woman can and should be a part of the technological revolution — and this community enables that for you.

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