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Shilpa Jain: Given that our target audience is young women who are at the cusp of deciding/decided their career trajectory, can you briefly explain what does IndiaAssetz do with real estate as an asset class?

Seema Harsha: I have worked in the Banking and Finance industry for 2 decades and then Co – founded Indiassetz along with my ex-colleague Mr. Shivam Sinha who is the founder and CEO. While working in the BFSI sector we came across a lot of Indians holding majority of their wealth portfolio in real estate as against their cash portfolio. While the cash portfolio is managed by the banking sector impeccably, managing real estate in a similar fashion posed a huge challenge. That’s when we decided that we needed to replicate a bank like setup to manage individual’s real estate wealth. It has been 6 years and we have more than 4000+ clients with an AUM of 8000 crore managing people’s Real estate wealth across major cities in India.


SJ: Would it be right in assuming that Real Estate Advisory is a subset of Wealth Management?

SH: Absolutely! In fact, nearly 70% of the world’s wealth is locked in real estate, which makes it imperative to have Real Estate Advisory as a pertinent arm of wealth management, so not only is Real Estate Advisory a subset of Wealth Management, but also it is safe to say that it’s the most important one


SJ: How does a technology platform help in real asset advisory? Can you cite an example?

SH: Technology enables customers to access their real estate wealth from anywhere across the globe. We recognized this as the need of the hour, and we invested in tech enabled solutions to ensure customer convenience and transparency in the system. We are the first to introduce this in the country. The customers get to see their entire real estate portfolio on the run, through the website, thus giving them real time information on their assets. The customers will be able to map their portfolio and future property investments also across the cities where Indiassetz has its operations.


SJ: How do you source the HNI clients? Is it through referencing, direct acquisition or partnering with private banks?

SH: All the above, the country’s Leading and most well-known Private and MNC Banks, prominent Wealth Management Companies, Family Offices and highly successful Individual Wealth Managers have reinforced their Trust in us and refer their clients to us, similarly clients also refer their friends and family to us


SJ: Do you advise in both residential and commercial real estate?

SH: Yes, affirmative.


SJ: How does one become proficient/skilled in gaining knowledge in real estate?

SH: Real Estate knowledge is abundant in the universe, but it is scattered. Reading market reports and news articles will help you understand the larger market dynamics. Local area knowledge gives you an edge in terms of understanding the rules and regulations in different areas and communities, as well as knowing the likely value of a property. Make yourself familiar with all laws relating to a property so that inaccurate information is not communicated or mislead in any other way.

SJ: As our primary cause is aiming to make young women financially independent, why is being financially independent important to you?

SH: Financial independence is highly empowering, the confidence that a person gets when they have the knowledge on where to invest and how to manage their own wealth, it gives you a freedom that cannot be expressed.  Financial investment is not just earning your own money, but also taking decisions in investing and growing your wealth on your own.


SJ: Any message to the members of Aspire for Her? And any message for the Foundation in general

SH: I have been a banker myself for the last 20 years and have parted a lot of knowledge on the finer details to be looked into for women to move ahead confidently in making any wealth investments. Knowledge is key, make it your biggest strength. I would advise young women to exhibit exceptional skills and knowledge in your respective industry to gain the respect of others. Networking and relationship-building can open doors to business opportunities and help women meet sponsors and mentors who can have a considerable impact on their careers.

Rapid Fire!

Question: One person, fictional/real and dead/alive that you want to have dinner with 

Indira Nooyi


Question: A book on your career field that you would recommend to or readers

Bhagawad Geeta, a book that has survived all times, and has the solutions to all business problems


Question: 3 things on your bucket list

I would love to have my own beach cafe in Goa

I would love to travel to Israel sometime soon on a solo trip

I would like to start a foundation for women to influence them to create their own wealth and manage their own investments, Women Work and Wealth


Interviewed by: Shilpa Jain