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All of us have seen the rapid advancements taking place in the technology industry, with the arrival of fascinating new technologies like AI, Cloud Computing, Data Science and Machine Learning.

As part of Aspire For Her’s latest partnership with JP Morgan Chase & Co., we bring to you an insightful webinar series, happening through the month of August.

These sessions will be conducted by senior leaders and technologists from JPMC, on various topics such as AI, ML, Cloud Computing and more. We also have a leadership panel discussion with industry leaders from JPMC, who will address you over a fireside chat. 

In addition to this, we have over 1000 new job opportunities within JPMC that we’ll be announcing for all of you – openings across various locations and experience levels, and across multiple diverse IT domains! 


Aspire For Her

Recent Events

Personal Branding

With Dipika Singh

You never outgrow the need for personal branding — no matter where you are in your career! Listen to this insightful webinar that talks all about personal branding and building impactful online visibilty!

Manage your Inner Critic

With Prerna Goel

How often have you found yourselves criticizing your ability, beating yourself up by saying you could have done so much better? While striving for perfection, we often end up chiding ourselves too much.

Get inspired as Prerna Goel shares her techniques on how she managed her inner critic through her successful journey.

Unlock the World of AdTech

With leaders from MiQ

Listen in to get first hand insights into the world of programmatic advertising, how data science is playing a huge role in the digital marketing industry and all that data & analytics can do to help formulate effective advertising and marketing strategies.

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