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July 13, 4:30 PM IST onwards

Join us for a Fireside Chat with leaders from MiQ, who will talk about careers in ad tech, opportunities in MiQ, the prevalence of this domain in the data industry and much more. 

This event will help you get first hand insights into the world of programmatic advertising, how data science is playing a huge role in the digital marketing industry and all that data & analytics can do to help formulate effective advertising and marketing strategies.

Towards the end of this session, we have a unique opportunity with MiQ that is going to be announced, a one of a kind program that will help you take the next steps towards your career in adtech. Attending this session will be the first step for all those who wish to avail the opportunity and take their career in data science and ad-tech forward. 

So make sure you register right away for this session and don’t miss out on all that it has to offer you!

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CARE Series, Session 2

With Jacintha Jayachandran

After a great first session last month, the second session of CARE focused on how women looking to return to work after a break must Accelerate their Learning while constantly looking for opportunities to upskill and reskill. She also left the audience with the powerful 4U strategy of Unguilt, Unlearn, Unlimit and Unbound. 

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