Not Alone

You are not alone

 Not Alone is an initiative by Aspire For Her for those women who have lost their life partners anyone who was their main source of income to COVID

What is "Not Alone"?

Not Alone is a community exclusively for those women who have lost the breadwinners of their family to COVID.  This initiative aims at empowering these women with the help of a strong peer network,  counselling, financial advise, learning resources and job opportunities.

What do we offer?

Peer Support

Provides a haven for you to confide in, wherein people channel their past experiences towards helping you cope and deal with issues. A two way process, it involves bringing together people with similar experiences who wish to be accepted, understood and empathized with, while giving support to the others.

Grief Counselling

There is no right or wrong way to grieve. Grief Counseling and emotional healing sessions with experts help you find healthy ways to cope with strong, harsh emotions and develop self-care and management strategies to face emotionally overwhelming situations.


Resources required to upskill are provided which will in turn aid them to either return to work or implement their brainchild and startup ideas into businesses. These resources will help you learn foundational and occupational skills, along with methods to expand your knowledge of information technology, business operations and a plethora of other necessary skills.


Confronting one of the major issues, Not Alone has made consultative and advisory sessions available to assist those women who are in need of guidance related to law, finance and insurance. These sessions help dehaze the process of inheritance management, financial planning, management as well as other legalities.

You can Volunteer!

1. Personally reach out to such women and help on-board them on the program:

Not Alone is a community that brings women together, so if you are a PR enthusiast, this is the perfect job for you. Volunteers are required to personally contact women who could be a part of this program, inform them about the program’s cause as well as the resources provided, and get them to join the team while guiding them through the membership process.

Not Alone as it says is all about a community where all women come together to rise higher. If you are someone who believes that forming a community plays a major role then this is the best-suited volunteering opportunity for you! You will have to spread the word and get women on board!

2. Be a Buddy and help women engage with the Not Alone program sessions and webinars.

We aim at supporting as many women as we can through our webinars and sessions. If you are interested in keeping them up to date with the program’s activities which they’ll be benefiting from, join us in this venture. Notify women regularly about the upcoming sessions and webinars organized by Not Alone and in turn, get them to participate and engage with these sessions.

3. If you have grief counselling or mentoring experience, be a Dial-a-Friend

Because sharing makes a person feel lighter! If you are someone who has prior experience of mentoring or grief counseling you can sign up as a volunteer for our Not Alone community members and help them deal with grief and other overwhelming emotions.

4. Help with corporate outreach

Offering our members job opportunities and resources for upskilling is one of our major offerings for Not Alone women. If you are someone who can help us with reaching out to corporate companies come join us as volunteers!


For any queries, please reach out to or